​A portion of proceeds will

go to the ALS Association

Wisconsin Chapter

    Asia Fest of Milwaukee 2016 

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Rina  Modak               Event Director                       262-518-2037    rina.modak@asiafestmke.com
Subhendu Modak       Event Coordinator                 262-864-1421    subhendu.modak@asiafestmke.com
Karmen Kron              Event Coordinator                 414-841-6797    karmenkron@gmail.com
Mohua Choudhury      Marketing & Sales Analyst    262-235-2826    mohua.choudhury@asiafestmke.com
Sangita Nandi             Marketing & Sales Analyst    262-235-0255    sangita.nandi@asiafestmke.com
Nilima Chaudhuri        Marketing & Sales Analyst    262-421-5121    nilima.chaudhuri@asiafestmke.com

Asia Fest of Milwaukee

1010 N Lincoln Memorial Dr, Milwaukee, WI, United States

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